Lisa Mahar
"The decorative and functional art of Lisa Mahar explodes with color and dazzles with design. Castoff furniture and leftover bits and pieces (think shoes, buttons, tiles, and beads) are transformed by the riotous imagination and diligent paintbrush of Ms. Mahar. Her subject matter is as varied as her paint pallet. Snorting, cavorting dragons and dreaming aboriginal inspired alligators can stand side-by-side with a table full of angels and devils interlocked forever in a riot of paint." Source: Quad City Arts Arts News, (Apr/May/Jun 2004)

"As an artist, my challenges come from transforming ordinary inanimate objects into intriguing, colorful, eclectic pieces of art. I draw inspiration from the simplicity of nature's color and form, the function of skilled craftsmanship, and the complexity of high design."